We collaborate with our existing clients to expand their brand story across all platforms, as you'll see below, but we always stay focused on what makes them truly unique and powerful. For new clients, we highly recommend creating a powerful brand-story video, often a documentary, that presents their mission in an epic yet crisp way. Here are a few ways we helped some great brands change the world!

GE Healthcare campaign

This 3D-animated video for GE Healthcare was part of a larger campaign Louis led with a larger agency team. We were focused on maintaining GE's leadership in a bio-processing category they had created. An interactive and portable sales tool, re-branded documents, and campaign guidelines were shared with internal teams to carry it all forward. This campaign hit the mark.


The Boeing T-X Fighter Campaign

Leading the creative for a small agency team and another creative partner, we engineered and built this large-screen video for a USAF show in the fall of 2017 to augment a campaign for the Boeing T-X training fighter. It was a hit! And, soon thereafter Boeing landed a $9.2B contract to build this jet. We were happy to play a role in this important initiative.


The L3Harris
Global Innovation Center (GIC)

Louis led the creation of this interactive playground that showcased all of Harris' leading-edge technology in one gorgeous room with a great agency team of dozens. (It's now the L3Harris GIC.) Massive interactive murals, action and documentary movies on the big screen, and holographic full-sized heroes who talk with you, just to name a few. There's nothing else like it!


SureFire videos

From 2008 to early 2016, Louis created about 100 videos, in all genres, with a small team consisting mainly of Gene Nagata shooting & editing on a weekly basis, and featuring real-life heroes to tell authentic stories. This led to millions of impressions on YouTube as well as using these videos to augment product & landing pages, social media platforms, and digital campaigns. This deeply connected with and expanded a passionate fan base.


Zeus Rising

This novel, written by Louis Anastas, imagines that Zeus is living anonymously in the hills of Los Angeles when he gets an unexpected marriage proposal, which triggers a mid-life crisis. He fights to find renewed purpose and even considers coming out of the shadows and reclaiming his power. Things get much worse when an ancient, vengeful force closes in on him and his loved ones. This dark comedy is Louis' first novel.