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Some brands for whom we've worked

Boeing, GE Healthcare, Honeywell, L3Harris (formerly Harris + L3 Technologies), Microsoft, Save Our Oceans Initiative (non profit), Silynx Communications, SureFire, and many great regional brands.

We're ready to help grow your brand.

We also partner with leading-edge creative shops and marketing agencies -- from the West Coast to the Midwest -- to create stunning content that truly moves people.

A few testimonials

“As a Producer it’s always nice to have a strong visionary guiding the creative direction of a project and Louis fits that description in every respect. I particularly respected the way that Louis took ownership of a large and complicated project for a highly technical client. He rolled-up his sleeves and dove-into a mountain of client product information in order to digest their message and distill it down to something that would be engaging and educational.

I was also impressed by the breadth of Louis’s creative skills, which ranged from writing copy for interactive experiences and scripts for action-packed films; working with storyboard artists and UX designers; and directing live cinematography and being an off-camera interviewer. He did all of this and more on a single project when we worked together.”

-Ben Hoyt, Founder & CEO, 47 Games, Los Angeles

“I had the pleasure of working with Louis and to get to know him as a very reliable, creative, and thorough colleague. His work ethic is extraordinary and the results he delivers are extremely supportive to ones efforts. His input was always highly appreciated and valued.”

-Guenter Schrotzhammer, CEO, GS Consulting, Munich