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Our Deep-Dive Development Process Will Guide The Way and Ensure Success

We'll dive deep into your brand’s origin story and the mission that lies at the heart of what you do. It is all about conveying the complex solutions you provide in simple yet epic terms but it’s also about going deep about how—and why—you are changing the world! We’ll make sure everyone feels your story in emotional and not just intellectual terms. This balance is the key to how the best filmmakers approach the process as well. We call this our Deep-Dive Development Process and it makes all the difference.

We possess deep storytelling experience, from working with some of the world’s great brands, but we also have vast filmmaking experience—including scripted and documentary—and that's another vital advantage of being in Los Angeles. Don’t trust the story of your great brand to someone without this range of expertise. We are excited to dive in. Read below to help determine if we are a good fit.

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We'll Tackle The First Two Steps in Less Than a Month. 
And Then You Decide When & How To Go Into Production.

Don't know how or where to begin to tell your brand story? That's normal. You are in the thick of the brand and see all of its complexity. And storytelling - at a high level - is a skill that's acquired over years. That's where we come in. Our agency has the experience, the perspective, and the tested process—all done in the big leagues—that will extract and shape your brand story and ensure that the resulting video resonates on a deep, human level and yields the results you need! Our Deep-Dive Development Process is both art and science, but we'll make it seem simple and, yes, enjoyable. A proven system is the best way work is engineered.

It all starts with the first two steps, which we can tackle in less than 30 days! You'll then decide if you want to go further with us or engage others.

1) We STRATEGIZE by engaging with you to define your audience, mission, origins, budget, and your overall marketing strategy. Our research and a discovery session with you will lead to a succinct and powerful strategic creative brief to ensure that we're aligned. And we will also define the type of video - scripted, VO-driven, documentary, etc.—that is best for your message and your budget. Once the brief is approved, we'll move to step two.

2) We WRITE—or outline and prep questions if we're making a documentary—and away we go. Two or three drafts will usually get us to a polished script. This will culminate in a two-column script where visuals are also referenced. This is our blueprint for what's to come. That's it!


At this point, you can take this polished script to your in-house team or your agency to produce, or we can continue this creative journey together.

Planning, production, and post-production/editing—steps 3, 4, and 5—is where the script is brought to life! It is a process we've undertaken from start to finish for great technology brands like GE, Boeing, L3Harris, and SureFire, and many strong, smaller brands too. Your story will be told powerfully. We guarantee it! And we'll help you launch your video too (step 6) if you'd like help on that vital front too. More on tha below.

If you want to discuss your brand story with usand the first two steps in the processfill out the form to set a free Deep-Dive Exploration Meeting!


Please fill out the form below to schedule a free 30-minute Deep-Dive Exploration session with me, Louis Anastas, to see if our missions align. I'll review your submission and confirm with you within 24 hours. Let's take this next step together. When we do meet, I'll have a list of questions for you and do most of the listening. But I will also offer advisement on how to best tell your story. I am confident that, whether we proceed together, or not, there will be much value for your brand. Talk soon.

We look forward to our meeting.

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Well, if we do work together to create and produce your polished script—following steps 1 & 2 outlined above—we will then define the timeline and budget and start bringing it to life! Below is a general outline of how the process flows but it will be customized to meet your needs.


After the first two steps—where we’ve come to understand your brand and have written your script—logistics and planning kick in. This includes scheduling, location scouting, casting, and crewing up to shoot and/or gather live-action video (scripted or documentary) and still imagery to tell your brand story. Whether that includes travel and planning around the world, a journey through your archives, or a stroll through the best stock-image libraries, or all of the above, we’ll gather the assets to ensure they fit your story and, of course, will tell it in epic terms. This stage is about logistics—scheduling and budgeting—but it’s also about artistry. 


Here is where the crew, cast, and client come together to actually capture the imagery to tell your story. We direct to elicit the truth—scripted or documentary—and to also capture the emotion of your story. It's part art, and part science. This is a vital stage in the process. We can also create simple 2D animation or fully dimensional 3D animation (think Pixar but without the characters) to go wherever you need to go—into space or inside the human body—to tell your complex story. This step isn't for everyone, but we have some of the best animators in L.A., and beyond, at the ready. Production will give us what we need to create your unique and compelling narrative.


This is the stage where everything comes together to tell your story in powerful terms. Yes, it's where the magic happens. Shots of all types are stitched together, effects and titles are added, colors are perfected, sound design is engineered, and music amplifies the story on a deep, emotional level. We enhance the piece until the story is simple and powerful and persuasive. And, for animation, it’s where you get to experience the impact for yourself after weeks of development. And, of course, you’ll get to review it all over a couple of rounds until we all get it just right for launch!


Your brand video is now ready for the world. Now what? We can deliver it to your marketing and/or social media teams so they can distribute and promote the work across all relevant platforms. Or, if you prefer, we'll create the plan, determine the best platforms, and do the handiwork ourselves. This would be covered by a separate agreement that will define your goals, our roll-out plan, and the media budget too. We won't stop until your results are optimized.


This powerful video—which contains the DNA of your brand—will now guide the way forward for your stream of content that will continue to build upon your story. We can and will do that for you too. Or we’ll be happy to work with your teams to help them carry the mission forward. We can create a visual brand-story deck to guide the way forward for all. Whatever you need!

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