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Let's Make Short, Powerful Movies Together

Video is the most powerful -- and only indispensable -- form of marketing content. About 75% of internet searches are focused on seeking out video. Are you telling your stories powerfully and genuinely in video? Or, are you letting others reach your audience with their stories? Are you even using video at all? if you aren’t sure where to begin, or have a campaign or video in mind—but don’t know who can take it forward—we can help!

We know how to use the power of video to tell the elaborate stories of great aerospace & tech brands in simple terms that resonate. It starts by asking the right questions to define your strategy and then bringing together the right creative and technical teams to tell your stories with precision and power. We love rocket science! 

We will get your story developed, built, and delivered in the same way good TV is made.


Prospective clients can set a 45-minute session with Louis to discuss and define your needs and we'll even begin to prescribe where you need to go. We need to discuss and clearly define a strategy, first and foremost, before we proceed. To do this, we need to hear your mission, your story, and how you measure success! We’ll ask many targeted questions to gather all we need to diagnose and prescribe what you need on the creative front. We'll discuss budget too to make sure we're a good fit.

Guided by this defined strategy, we will develop video and/or other creative concepts, if you choose and for a defined fee, that offer powerful ways to tell your stories and achieve your goals. These concepts will be custom-built, creative, and, strategic. We’ll review the concepts with you to advance the collaboration and tweak them so they're optimized.

These strategically driven creative concepts will be your intellectual property (IP) to keep. Feel free to develop and produce them with your own team or agency but if we are a good match -- and this is crucial -- we'll aim to move into pre-production with you. All while keeping your goals and budget in mind. This process is not for everyone. We do dig deep and aim to be bold. We do have the experience to pull it off.

Schedule your free initial strategic session by filling out this form and I’ll confirm with you within hours. We look forward to the conversation.




After the concept phase—where we’ve come to understand your brand, your goals, and your budget—we then write your script,and, if needed, storyboard your tale too. Yes, logistics and planning kick-in during this all-important stage. This includes scheduling, location scouting, casting, and crewing up for the shoot, as needed.


If live-action is involved, here’s where we shoot and gather most of the footage to tell your story. We direct to elicit the truth and the resulting emotion too. It is part art and science. This is often the shortest but arguably one of the most vital parts of the process.


This is where everything comes together to pack some power. Shots are cut together to make sequences and to tell the overall story. Effects and titles are added, colors are perfected, sound design is engineered, and music amplifies it all. We keep cutting till it all comes together! Stories are honed and amplified and raised to new heights during. And, for animation, it’s where the magic is made. You’ll get to review it all, till we get it just right.


Your video is ready for the world. Now what? We can integrate with your marketing and social teams on distributing and promoting the work effectively across all relevant platforms. Or, if you prefer, we'll create the plan, determine the best platforms, and do the handiwork ourselves. And, we won't stop until your results are optimized.

And most of your video content can be re-edited and re-purposed for various platforms to maximize reach and keep the content rolling toward your fans. This is your universe and we'll master it together. And we'll build an emotional connection with your expanding fan base, clients, and employees.


One video—no matter how great—is typically not the whole answer. It’s about a continuous, focused stream of content that will tell your complex story in simple, engaging terms to all your audiences. We  will do that for you, or we’ll be happy to work with your teams to help them carry the mission forward. It’s all about what you need!


Here are the most common types of videos we develop, produce, and deliver. And, yes, each type of video lends itself to being made into a series to really raise your brand above the rest.

1. Documentaries

Humanize your brand and products via true stories; even one strong interview can work. Help your audience feel the passion of "why" you do what you do, by interviewing your people, customers, or anyone influenced by your technology. Louis was trained by the best, which includes his first paid filmmaking job being for the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Hoop Dreams." The bar was set high from the start. We’ve created made many strong, authentic docs for brands like SureFire and L3Harris, among others, that have resonated deeply.

2. Scripted Videos

The possibilities are endless. Can your brand invoke drama for some truly serious issues or have fun with its content? Or can we do a little bit of both? Scripted pieces should be as entertaining to watch as TV or a good web series, and typically with no obvious product placement or interludes where the story grinds to a halt. We have written and produced short actions movies, guerrilla-budgeted thrillers, as well as humorous pieces seen by hundreds of thousands of fans. There are no limits. Let’s dream up something big, that's right for your mission.

3. Animation

Does your brand need to tell stories that only animation can portray? Perhaps you need to dive into the human body or into the depths of space. Everything is possible with animation. We'll develop this project like any other video with clear objectives, outlines, scripts, and storyboards, and then we'll engage some of the best animators to build what your brand needs. 3D animation is not cheap, but it typically has the grandest impact. 2D animation can be more economically but also pack more attitude or fun. It’s about developing the type of animation that goes where you need it go and, yes, serves your budget but, most of all, meets your objectives.

4. Product Videos

Video is arguably the most powerful way to tell—and show—the story of a product, excite prospects, and prod them to try it for themselves. They can be simple to create but their influence is far reaching. Having an engineer or an end-user talk about their experience, with passion and specificity, is a good place to start. There are many secrets we’ll share in development. Product videos can certainly create positioning. The work can, of course, be shared on YouTube and social, but also on website product pages. They can also be used at shows, meetings, and even featured at company headquarters. Let's get the word out with clarity and conviction—the rest will take care of itself.

5. Brand Videos

These can be epic videos that tell the story of your brand in grand, sweeping terms. They can start with your origins story and how it all began but always connected to what your brand does exceptionally well in the present. We’ll connect the dots, just like in all good biographies. It should elicit emotion and show viewers why you stand out in the crowd. It can be driven by authentic voice-over or shaped by interviews or even be scripted. This piece can be as much for your teams and culture, as it can be for your customers and fans. And it should inspire! We’re ready to tell your story!

6. Social Media Video

Social media consumption is continuous, and the appetite of fans is ravenous. Do you have a plan to feed your fans across all platforms? We will help you with the plan, and its execution, including going live. Part of it starts with creating bite-sized versions of all your videos but it's also about engineering a production pipeline that will feed your fans for years to come. Yes, we’ll help create much or all of this or we’ll instruct on how to do this yourself. We’ll make a great team.

7. How-To Videos

Most of us are coming to understand the power and simplicity of How-To videos. Place an expert, lightly directed and well lit, in front of a camera and let them do their thing. There is a formula here, but we'll kick this off for you. If you show consumers how easy it is to do something, they’ll be appreciative, become fans, and, yes, customers in due time.

8. And Much More…

All of your videos can be optimized for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more, but we also build videos to be projected on standard or ultra-wide screens—and anywhere in the world. And, we create immersive Virtual Reality (VR) projects that are highly portable and awe-inspiring. Alternative forms of storytelling, including large-scale touch-screen interactives, holographic experiences, and even augmented reality (A/R) can be tackled if this aligns with your overall goals. We'll create anything we can dream up together.

Let's discuss what's right for you.


We Consult on Creative Matters

At The Blue Agency, we're ready to implement your creative needs but we can also step back and evaluate your brand with no strings attached. Meaning, we won't pitch our creative services but rather will evaluate your brand and offer up constructive critiques, ideas, and systems to make it all go. We call this wearing our consultant hat.

We won't divulge the clients for whom we consult, but we know that this evaluation process is extremely valuable. We can also train your team to even greater heights. We'd love to hear more about where you want to go.



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