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Liquid Bubbles

Agency Services

We create and produce in all forms of media but, yes, nearly all of our clients start somewhere below. Let's meet to launch or re-launch your brand or a campaign! 


Write & Pre-Produce

Have a video or story you need to tell? We'll develop a script or prep a treatment for a documentary, and define pre-production within a budget that works for you. 

Chemical Plant

Video: Concept to Delivery

We will dream up targeted concepts, in every genre, and write, prep, shoot (or animate), post-produce, and deliver a powerful video that engages deeply..


Creative Director, Fractional

At any given time, Louis serves as the part-time creative director for up to two brands or startups. He'll set the stage for you & your team in terms of creative and process.

Send me a note and we'll meet to discuss your needs!


Let's connect.

4419 Fulton Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 91423

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