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We Will Engineer Authentic Videos That Engage

Video is the most vital form of marketing content today. (74% of web searches are focused on seeking out video.) If you’re not communicating effectively with video, you are falling behind and losing business. And your work must be honest, engaging, and great. Don't worry, we got this!

We will start by...

1. Assessing your brand and how to tell your unique story in simple but powerful terms

2. Defining a prioritized docket of videos and supporting work that fit with your objectives 

3. Producing the work while ensuring that it's engaging and tells the story of your brand across all platforms

Yes, some of the content will be re-purposed on various platforms but we'll also dedicate certain types of stories to defined platforms. We'll create a mosaic that tells your story in facets based on the overall goals we define together. This is your universe and we'll master it together. We will engage and build an emotional connection with your ever-expanding fan base.

Below are a few video genres to consider... 

1. Documentaries

Humanize your brand and products via a true stories; even one strong interview can work. Help your audience feel the passion of why you do what you do. Louis was trained by the best, including his first job being on Oscar-nominated documentary, so the bar was set high from the start. We have made many such docs for brands like SureFire and L3Harris too. 

2. Product Videos

Video is a powerful way to tell the story of a product, excite customers, and prod them to buy a product. They can be simple to create. Having an engineer and/or end-user talk about their experience, with passion and specificity, is a good place to start. There are many secrets we’ll share in development. Product videos can create positioning and, of course, be shared on YouTube and Facebook as well as web product pages, and used at shows, meetings, and at company headquarters. Get the word out! And word gets out when videos are made with clarity and purpose.

3. Social Media Video

Social media consumption is continuous, and the appetite of fans is ravenous. Do you have a plan to feed your fans? We will help you with the plan AND its execution, including going live. Part of it starts with creating bite-sized versions of all your videos (see above & below) but it's also about creating a production pipeline that will feed your fans for years to come. Yes, we’ll help create much (or all) of this, but we’ll also teach you how to do more of this. We’ll make a great team, together. 

4. How-To Videos

Most of us are coming to understand the power and simplicity of How-To videos. Place an expert, lightly directed and well lit, in front of a camera and let them do their thing. There is a formula here but we'll kick this off for you. 

If you show people how easy it is to do something they will feel comfortable, become fans, and, yes, customers in due time.

5. Brand Story Videos

These can be epic videos that tell the story of your brand in grand, sweeping terms. They often start with your origins story focused on what your brand does exceptionally well. It should elicit emotion and show viewers why you stand out. It can be shaped by interviews or be scripted to drive it forward. This piece is as much for your teams as it is for your customers, and should inspire both! And you only get one shot to kick this off. We are master storytellers, and we are ready.

6. Scripted Videos

The possibilities are endless. Can your brand have fun with its content or invoke drama? Or do a little of both? Scripted pieces must be entertaining to watch (as good as TV) with no clunky product placement or interludes where the story comes to a halt. We’ve written and produced short actions movies, guerrilla-budget thrillers, as well as humorous pieces seen by hundreds of thousands of fans. There are no limits. Let’s dream up something that's right for your mission and your unique audience.

7. 2D or 3D Animation

Does your brand need to tell stories that only animation can tell? Perhaps you need to dive into the human body or into the depths of space. Everything is possible with animation. We'll develop this project like any video with clear objects, outlines, scripts, and storyboards, and then we'll engage some of the best animators to build what your brand needs. 

These options were included to provide a brief overview of what we can take on together. Let's talk and define what's right for your brand.