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Our Team

I'll kick off and lead every project but my teammates below, most with both serious marketing and entertainment experience, will support your efforts at every turn. And, of course, we will expand beyond this team and call upon the best programmers, animators, VFX teams, and producers to get your project to be all that you need it to be! There is more on our creative partners below.


Louis Anastas

Creative Director / Founder

Louis is a hands-on writer, director, and novelist who has spent two decades developing engaging content – in agency and in-house settings – that has reached millions and achieved strong business results. Much of the content—including hundreds of TV commercials—was created with minimal dollars and small, talented teams while other work, for larger brands, was created with massive teams. That said, it doesn’t take large amounts of money to achieve strong, sustained results but it does take an unwavering commitment to dive deep to create content that connects with your audience on an emotional level.


Oral Berat User

Director of Photography / Producer

Oral Berat User is a talented director of photography (DP) who has shot documentary films and reality-based shows on six continents for over three decades. His work has appeared on many shows on the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, A&E, and The History Channel. His corporate clients include United Airlines and Nike, among others. Oral was the DP on "Return of the Navajo Boy," which premiered at Sundance and "Vietnam: Long Time Coming," which won best documentary from the Directors Guild of America. Oral is a master cinematographer who knows how to capture beauty.


 Irena Fiks

Senior Art Director

A veteran of the advertising and design world, Irena has art directed national and regional print, digital, and direct mail campaigns, and designed corporate identity packages including logos, brand guidelines, collateral, websites, and packaging. Along with a long list of private clients, she’s worked with acclaimed ad agencies like Della Femina, Ogilvy & Mather, and J. Walter Thompson. Her experience ranges from high-tech and entertainment to automotive, health, and beauty. Irena boasts sharp marketing and conceptual skills, a sophisticated design aesthetic, and always delivers.


Gene Nagata

Director of Photography

Gene is an exceptional, cinematic DP who has shot countless videos in all genres for great premium brands like SureFire, Harris, and Triumph Motorcycles. He's also shot spots, loads of digital work, music videos, and a feature film. Gene and Louis have collaborated on at least 100 videos seen by millions worldwide. This includes docs, scripted, animation, and live-fire videos with real-life heroes. Gene always finds a way to get the shot that's both gorgeous and advances the story. We can be a team of two or a team of 50, depending on the mission.


Jennifer Klide

Production Designer

Jennifer is a talented, fearless production designer based in Cleveland and LA. She's led production design efforts on many acclaimed independent films like Take Shelter, Family, and My Friend Dahmer, among many others. She's also worked on spots for iconic brands like Nike and Chase bank featuring iconic figures like LeBron James. She will create the right look for any project and always to the highest standards to ensure success.

Sean Egen Bio Pic.jpg

Sean Egen

Senior Writer

Sean Egen is a prolific writer who's written copy across all media for truly great brands. He's able to reinforce or expand the voice of a brand or write and edit across many touch points for a large-scale product launch. He's done it all. His versatility, tenacious attention to detail, and great imagination permit him to pen any project for video, social media, and PR, or corporate communications.

We also partner with leading-edge VFX, post, and animation studios like FuseFX Los Angeles, OSV, and Spacejunk, among others - from L.A. to the Midwest - to efficiently create bold content that engages people to take action!

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