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Your story in less than 50 words & in less than 50 hours. 

Thanks for dropping by. I'd be happy to dive into your story over the next couple of days. Please read more below.

I've been telling the stories of great tech brands like GE, Boeing, Cadillac, Honeywell, L3Harris, and many strong smaller brands like Silynx and Double Masters for over two decades. Distilling the complex stories of technology brands into simple, powerful terms is part art but, just perhaps, mostly science and craft. And there are also countless platforms and methods to wield, including video--in all genres--as well as copy, display ads, interactives, eblasts, landing pages, touch-screen interactives, immersive movies, VR, and more. It's all about pairing the right stories with the right format. And, of course, the story of your customers is at the heart of your brand story.

Just fill out the form below and I'll take a good look at your brand via your website and perform some Google searches. I'll then write and send you a short logline/pitch in two business days that will aim to capture the essence of your brand story. In the least, it will be a provocative start to the process to do with as your please. If you like (or even love) what you see, I know you'll reach back out and we'll continue the conversation. If it doesn't work for you, that will be that. I get much more of the former but it's a good first test for us. Please fill in the form and I'll be in touch!

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The start of your story is coming in two days!

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